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New Recombinant Human GDFs!

GDF-1 Human
GDF-3 Human Mouse
GDF-5 Human (NEW) Mouse
GDF-6 Mouse
GDF-7 Human (NEW) Mouse
GDF-8 Multi-species
GDF-9 Human (NEW) Mouse
GDF-11 Multi-species
GDF-15 Human, HEK293-expressed (NEW)
GDF-15 Human, CHO-expressed

R&D Systems is the world’s premiere source of recombinant proteins. Extensive quality control produces industry leading bioactivity and lot-to-lot consistency that instills confidence in results and ensures reproducibility.

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Bulk Recombinant Proteins

There is no need to sacrifice quality and reproducibility to obtain a size and price that matches your research needs. Our Sales Team is ready to discuss pack sizes and economical pricing.

For questions or a quote, please contact us.

GMP-grade Recombinant Proteins

Our high quality cytokines and growth factors are available where current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are required. Our list of available GMP-grade recombinant proteins is expanding regularly.

Animal-Free Recombinant Proteins

We offer proteins manufactured in a laboratory exclusively dedicated to the production and purification of recombinant proteins using all non-animal reagents.

CellXVivo™ Cytokine Cocktails

Optimized cytokine formulations and protocols for the differentiation and expansion of dendritic cells, T cell subtypes, and B cells.

ProDots Recombinant Proteins

R&D Systems brand proteins are now packaged into easy-to-use pre-aliquoted balls that can be rolled directly into cell culture media.

Proteins Custom Services

R&D Systems develops proteins designed to meet your specifications.

Bioassay Custom Services

We have experience with over 900 established bioassays. Save setup and optimization time by partnering with our bioassay team.

Recombinant Protein Quality Control

Lot-to-Lot Consistency

  • Each new lot is tested side-by-side with previous lots for purity, biological potency, and
    endotoxin level.


  • Recombinant proteins are typically over 95% pure.

Protein Sequence Accuracy

  • N-terminal amino acid sequence analysis is performed for each recombinant protein to verify the correct sequence.

Biological Activity

  • Bioactivity is measured experimentally with the appropriate biological system.
  • Activity is consistent with literature-based expectations if available.

Endotoxin Level and Microbial Bioburden Test

  • Each new production lot of protein is assessed for endotoxin using the Limulus Amoebocyte Lysates (LAL) assay. The endotoxin level is typically <0.1EU/ug.
    • Each protein is tested to rule out microbial contamination using direct plating and broth dilution, according to guidelines from the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).


  • Recombinant proteins are formulated for best stability and are lyophilized from a sterile filtered solution. They are available without or with a carrier protein, usually bovine serum albumin (BSA) at 50 mg/mg of protein.
  • Recombinant enzymes are in solution and ready to use.